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We are a company based on quality care accessible to people throughout the lifespan and in various socioeconomic contexts.  The main objective of Forefront Therapy is to meet the Physical and Occupational Therapy needs in Evansville, IN, and surrounding regions. Forefront Therapy, LLC, bases its foundation on three main Pillars. 


Our Three Pillars:

1.       One-on-one care

It is our strong belief that every individual deserves one on one medical care from their provider.  With individualized attention, it will allow us the best opportunity to deliver the most effective and efficient care possible.

2.       Education and research

We at Forefront Therapy believe it is both our social and professional duty to be at the forefront of education and research in the fields of physical and occupational therapy.

3.       Accessibility for all

Forefront Therapy has a call to serve all aspects of the community, including those with limited access to healthcare. 




At Forefront, we will provide a variety of services within the Physical and Occupational Therapy realms including:

· Orthopedics

· Pediatrics

· Work / Industrial

· Geriatrics


· Neurological

· Rheumatological



· Functional Dry Needling

· Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

· Functional Movement Screen (FMS)


· Hypermobility (i.e. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, etc.)

· Abdominal Pain


Forefront Therapy

Chronic Pain Clinic

Chronic pain relates to anybody who has been enduring pain and/or dysfunction for any time period over 2-3 months.  At Forefront Therapy, we take pride in seeing each individual for who he or she is as an entire person, not simply their diagnosis.   We take a very thorough and diverse approach, looking at physical well-being, pain neuroscience, sleeping habits, eating habits, lifestyle habits, ergonomics, social well-being, and more to create an individualized plan like you have not experienced.  We have dedicated time allotted to serving those who are dealing with chronic pain.  Call today and let us show you the difference to help improve your quality of life!

Forefront Therapy

Running/Sports Performance Clinic

We are excited to be able to dedicate time for our Running/Sports Performance Clinic. We will provide slow motion video kinematic gait analysis, preventive screening, wellness programs, performance training, and more!  Call today to schedule an appointment with your specialist!

Forefront Therapy

Pediatric Clinic

The Pediatric Clinic will specialize in therapy regarding developmental delay, early intervention, sensory processing differences, behavioral differences, Autism Spectrum Disorders, neonatal brachial plexus palsies, neurological conditions, orthopedic conditions, and burn injuries. At Forefront, we believe in a collaborative approach to therapy involving parents/caregivers in treatment. Call to schedule your child today.

Meet The Team

Dr. Ryan Wood, PT, DPT, MHA, Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with undergraduate and graduate degrees from Saint Louis University. Ryan attended the Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency at the University of Chicago Medicine and is a board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. He received his Master of Health Administration at the University of Southern Indiana. He has participated in research, participates in lectures, presented at state/national conferences, and has been published in peer reviewed literature, most recently as a co-author of a chapter in a medical textbook titled Rehabilitation of Non-Operative Hip Conditions. He is a strong advocate for his profession, currently serving as the Vice President on the Executive Board of the Indiana Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association (INAPTA).

Dr. Jessica K Wood, OTD, OTR/L is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy whom received her Bachelor and Master degrees from Saint Louis University, and her Doctoral degree at Mount Mary University with study focused on sensory integration therapy. She worked at the University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital in the NICU, PICU, SICU, neurological units, orthopedic units, and burn units before she moved home to serve as an Assistant Professor in the Occupational Therapy Program at the University of Southern Indiana. She co-led the ADHD and Sensory Processing Differences Support group for the Tri-State. She is currently conducting pediatric research on sensory integration. 

Dr. Tonya Barringer, PT, DPT is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Evansville. Along with general orthopedics and neurological care, she is passionate about women’s health and pelvic floor therapy. Tonya has been successfully certified for the treatment for men and women with pelvic floor dysfunction through Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute.





Please feel free to take the time to listen to these amazing individuals share their success stories!  We are so proud to have been a part of their healing and are so happy for them all!


Doris & Phil



Fred & Melissa






We at Forefront are looking for professionals to join our team who share our passion for healthcare, who seek to heal one client at a time, who strive to practice in a holistic manner, and who seek to be at the forefront of the physical and occupational therapy. Currently, we have the following positions available:

Physical Therapist Full-Time/Part-Time

This role will be in a diverse outpatient setting, primarily working with individuals who are dealing with orthopedic conditions and/or chronic pain.

Occupational Therapist Part-Time with the potential to transition to Full-Time

This role will be in an outpatient setting, primarily working with pediatric clientele with sensory processing disorders, along the autism spectrum, and a variety of developmental disorders.


If you are interested in more details surrounding the positions and/or company, please reach out to Ryan@forefronttherapy.org or call us at 812-402-0444.



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